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Everything Old is New Again

I advise directors to discuss what they want to see in the next take rather than dissect the one just passed. I urge actors to lean into the next moment during a take instead of assess the one they're in. In my own life I try to practice what I teach. But these days every time I think I'm out of the past, it pulls me back in.

I'm in a doc on Tru TV discussing HEATHERS and my experience as Rodney the milk-spewing geek. The release of the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel has led to lots of talks about the original. Just a few days ago, Slate dropped Isaac Butler's oral history of ANGELS IN AMERICA, in which my POV can be found under Jon Matthews (when I started acting as a kid, the FBI guys living with us said a new last name might be a safer way to go).

And last week the spectacular Sam Pinkleton served up Liz Swados' RUNAWAYS for Encores at CIty Center. You can read some of my thoughts on the original production in Rob Weinert-Kendt's program essay here:

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