Jon teaches screenwriting in the MFA film program at Brooklyn College/ Steiner Studios, the only program which operates as part of a working film studio. A graduate of Harvard University, his first screenplay, Spilt Milk, won the Harvard Prize for advanced literary composition (and since, every one of his screenplays has been optioned). After graduation, he studied with Robert McKee in the series of weekly master classes which served as the basis for his classic text, Story.  


Since then, Jon has worked privately with screenwriters, coaching them on every phase of a script's development, from the idea phase through each draft - from the pitch to contract negotiations, to the shoot, and press during the release - and then getting started on the next script. He's devoted to fostering the writer's voice while helping it get heard loud and clear in the chaos of the marketplace.

Jon's worked steadily since college as a script doctor and consultant on a range of films - from 200 million dollar studio franchise pictures to 200 thousand dollar indies. Jon understands what all scripts have in common, what distinguishes them across genres, and how to nurture what's both unique and accessible in the DNA of each writer's work. 

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Screenwriter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Contact

Jon Shear brings a rare combination of instinct, insight, and experience to his role of coach to writers. He understands both the creative process and the practical side of the business. No one knows better how to break down a script and predict what directors and producers really want - and what actors really need. Most importantly, Jon will bring out your best.