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TAKE ACTION for filmmakers & actors

TAKE ACTION, meeting weekly in New York City, is a creative gym in which working filmmakers and actors meet weekly to expand their on-camera, scene-study skill set, try out new material, and explore ways to collaborate more effectively - all in a nurturing, fertile environment. Jon Shear's innovative approach enables all involved to analyze a script with lightning speed and put those vital revelations into direct, combustive action.
Participants must be fully vaccinated for Covid and take a PCR or at-home rapid test before each session. Every member works every meeting. 

Our members have been cited in the NYTimes as a "reason this year to be grateful for the arts." Our directors have been nominated for Oscars, Emmys, Independent Spirit Awards, and Golden Globes; won Best Film awards at major festivals across the world; had commercial feature releases and Sundance premieres.

Our actors have been nominated for SAG awards; won Emmys; starred or co-starred in projects made by such world-class filmmakers as Joel & Ethan Coen, Jane Campion, and Woody Allen; been on pretty much every TV series shooting on the East Coast; starred on and offBroadway; or are starting out but show great promise. And many, through their experience with us, are now proving to be triple-threats: directing, producing, and writing their own webseries and short films.

Performance is essential to a successful film, yet directors often go years without working with actors, waiting until their next film gets a green light. Weekly sessions with a wide range of accomplished actors help up their game, enabling them to speak most any actor's language. 
The same holds true for actors. TAKE ACTION has all the benefits of both a camera technique class and a scene study class. Taking class with Jon and a wide range of directors makes actors more adept on set, at auditions, and in rehearsal, they learn to take greater control of your own process. During each session, practical topics are discussed, such as what directors can do when an actor doesn't respond as hoped to notes and what actors can do when they disagree with a director's note.

We are usually at capacity but keep a waitlist and will reach out when a monthly member withdraws for an individual $65 session. Members and waitlisters, once confirmed for a session, may withdraw for credit until a week before a session. After that, members may replace themselves, subject to approval. I will also try to find a sub from the waitlist.  
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Photo by Jim Fields

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